Department of Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology is committed to realizing the vision and mission of MUHAS through excellence in education,clinical service, research and consultancy.The department strives  to deliver the highest quality of clinical care to our patients, to guide the future development of our discipline, to train the next generation of leaders in Anesthesiology, and to facilitate clinical and basic research in anaesthesia and related fields.

The department trains both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of clinical anaesthesia, pain management, crititical care and emergeny medicine. Two major post-graduate programmes are hosted; the MMed. Anaesthesilogy and MMed Emergency Medicine programmes. The department provides external clinical rotation training for postgraduate students in the MDent (Mdent. oral and Maxillofacial surgery) MMed Orthopedics & Traumatology, and MMed Internal Medicine and Paediatrics.

The Department also provides training for both undergraduate and post graduate Elective students form other universities. We conduct CME /CPD trainings for in-service health professionals who are key and instrumental players in the provision of anaesthesia and related health care services in the coountry. Consultation and outreach services are provided for patients attended at the national hospital (MNH) and Muhibili Orthopedics Institute (MOI) which also serve as training hospitals for the university (MUHAS). Faculty and trainees conduct research activities in the areas of clinical anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, management of acute & chronic pain, critical care and emergency medicine.

The department aims to engage in multidisciplinary reserach ans service projects, in collaboration with other institutions to take advantage of available resources in order to develop the next generation of innovative practitioners, educators, researchers, and leaders in anaesthesiology and related fields.




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