Consultancy under Department of Physiology

We provide consultancy services in teaching, physiologic investigations, corporate wellness and preventive intervention for non-communicable diseases.

Our consultancy services focuses on three main areas, education, policy and service provision. We target universities, work places, general public and other groups.

Education: Being a team of highly qualified medical physiologists with a wide range of specialties, our department provide consultancy services to support immerging medical Universities in teaching physiology. As the oldest physiology department in the country we harness our long term experience in developing physiology curriculum to support these universities.

We also offer trainings on lifestyle in a form of seminars and workshops to a variety of audience. Our trainings focuses on health benefits of exercise, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We have trainings that target special groups such as pregnant and post-menopausal women aiming at giving them knowledge and skills on how to cope with physiological changes related to pregnancy and menopause respectively. The following are the topics that we focuses on:

1. Health benefits of exercise and good nutrition

2. Coping with pregnancy

3. Coping with menopause

4. Healthy life style to prevent diseases

Policy: Our staffs are members in various task forces and technical groups that advice the government on various health policy matters. We have been fully involved in the review and development of nutritional guidelines for the control of non-communicable diseases.

Service provision: Our service profile mainly focuses on preventive interventions for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). We offer exercise and nutrition prescription for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in high risk groups. With a well-equipped exercise physiology unit we provide exercise and nutritional counseling to athletes and people engaging in regular exercise. We design diets and exercise for people with type 2 diabetes and provide weight loss counseling. Below is the list of some of the services we provide:

1. Exercise and nutrition prescription

2. Exercise and nutrition prescription for athletes and people who exercise regularly

3. Physiologic tests such as lung function test (spirometry)


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