Physiology is a biologic study of the basic functioning of the human body and organ-systems. Medical physiology in particular deals with the basic and pathophysiologic aspects of the human body in health and disease. Being one of the fundamental disciplines in medicine, the department of physiology is dedicated to teaching of physiology to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at MUHAS. We are also at the forefront of cutting-edge biomedical research and provide consultancy services in preventative care against metabolic diseases. The department also offers a dedicated2 year full-time Masters of Science (MSc) in Physiology programme, aimed at training students in advanced biomedical physiology. This programme incorporates coursework as well as closely supervised thesis research involving the use of various physiologic techniques. Graduates from this programme are fully competent in performing and interpreting physiologic tests and investigation, and are equipped to have successful careers in clinical care, academics and research in both private and public settings. The department, through the External Relations Unit, hosts and supports international electives.

The department has a total of six faculty members, with four supporting staffs, including full-time laboratory technicians. The department houses a well-equipped exercise physiology facility that provides an excellent platform for research in the areas of cardiovascular and respiratory medicine. The department also utilizes its facilities to support various consultancy and outreach activities is a biologic study of the basic functioning of the human body and organ-systems.

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