Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a branch of biomedical science that deals with the application of chemical techniques to understand and analyze biological problems. In essence it combines biology and chemistry. Modern biochemistry has grown to encompass a wide range of areas that overlaps molecular biology, cell biology and genetics. Biochemistry provides a foundation for the study of Microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, genetics, zoology, botany and anatomy.  The department has five full time faculty and six 6 supporting all of whom, apart from teaching biochemistry and molecular biology courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students serve as faculty advisors. 

The department offers a 2-year full time MSc program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Students, working closely with their principal supervisors, also take part in many other research-focused and skills training events and opportunities including: Journal club presentations and the graduate student’s research in progress forum.  Our Research Technology Support Facility provides technical and consulting services to the research and instructional community in the School of Medicine and Muhimbili University as a whole. Further, the department carries out research focused on three main themes; Molecular techniques in detection of Infections, human evolution and the immunobiology of the female reproductive tract.




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