Department of Radiology

Radiology is a specialty of medicine that deals with the study and application of imaging technology to diagnosing and treating diseases. It uses an array of medical imaging technology such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography(CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography(PET) and magnetic resonance imaging(MRI). The department of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, one of the core departments of the School of Medicine teaches the subject to mainly the MD degree programme at undergraduate level and various degree programmes at postgraduate levels. It also runs a Masters in Medicine in Radiology which is a three year course that has attracted foreign students from countries such as India and Zambia. The department supports in-service short courses in different areas such as Chest X-ray interpretation, obstetric ultrasound etc, and works closely with the MUHAS Institute of Allied Health Sciences  which runs a Diploma in Diagnostic Radiology (DDR) for training of radiographers. Currently the department has five academic staff.

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