Research at the School

Student research capacity building:

Research training through thesis supervision for post-graduate trainees is successfully implemented by staff.  Raising the quality of theses has the potential to produce high quality data that can be published.  Efforts are made to motivate postgraduate trainee - supervisor co-authorship and is a strategy that is still in process of being refined. 

Undergraduate elective studies are streamlined and integrated in activities across the departments of the Schools of Medicine and Public Health and Social Sciences since the 2011-12.  While most undergraduate student research work is observational it is hoped such departmental over-site will strengthen staff capacity to supervise students, review developed protocols for scientific merit, originality and observation of research ethics in this way encouraging production of good quality protocols, data it’s analysis and dissemination through publications in the Dar es Salaam Medical Students Journal and other local scientific journals. High quality of outputs in the student’s journal and in other local journals can help strengthen a culture of scientific inquiry in both staff and students.

Staff research activities:

Individual staff research activities in the School have yet to decentralize to School level. Ongoing strategies exist to build an effective relationship with the Directorate of Research and Publications (DRP), which currently facilitates faculty research activities.  As part of this process the Associate Dean Postgraduate Studies and Research has successfully represented the School in meetings of the Directorate of Research and Publications during this reporting year.

Members from the School have also been invited to attend workshops on grant and scientific writing.  Staff also benefited from an informatics capacity building project through summer courses in biostatistics and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. Records in the Directorate of Planning and Development at MUHAS show in 2010, of 79 research projects or programmes registered, 58.2% (n= 46) included School academic or adjunct staff as principal investigators.



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