Vision,Mission& Function


The Vision of the school is to become a national, regional and international leader of excellence in medical education, research and service provision.


The Mission of the school is the sustained pursuit of excellence in medical education, research and public service for the health, welfare and development of the people of Tanzania and beyond.


The function of the school and its activities are guided by core components of its mission and include;

1. To provide in Tanzania a place of learning, education and research in health sciences and through these provide medical services of the highest standard and quality required and expected of a University.

2. To prepare students through regular and professional courses in various fields of Medicine for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and other awards of the University.

 3. To contribute to the intellectual life of Tanzania, to act as focal point for continuing medical education, research and service of interest to the people of Tanzania.

 4. The School as part of the University has to further the Mission of the University and therefore:

 (a) Endeavour to excel in knowledge and in human resource capacity building without either sacrificing quality against quantity, or falling prey to elitism.

 (b) Build its distinctive characteristics, and trademark under the label of ‘Scientific Professionalism to be acquired through the prime principle of integration of research, teaching, service and consultancy at immediate subject area.

 (c) Further the image of the University as a Centre of Excellence for knowledge creation, skills development, effective entrepreneurship and formation of responsible attitude for the betterment of the society and an example of good management.

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