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Our Values

A strong set of values are important to guide realization of the Schools mission and vision. These include the following:

a)Excellence in all aspects of the activities of the School and its departments.

b)Nurturing activities related to training, supervision and mentoring at School and department levels.

c)Integrity as a core aspect of all practices related to teaching, service and research.

d)Equity and social justice with regard to social characteristics including gender, religion and ethnicity.

e)Responsibility, accountability and leadership in meeting health and other societal needs.

f)Effectiveness by striving to produce intended results and achievement of the Schools mission and vision.

g)Efficiency by ensuring competent delivery of activities with minimum expenditure of time and resources.

h)Responsiveness to changes in both internal and external conditions.

i)Innovativeness and entrepreneurship in all activities of the School.

j)Partnership that is strategic within the School and between the School and with her major stakeholders.

k)Diversity; embracing and constructively making use of differences both within the School and the University and with institutions external to the School.

The stated mission, vision and the values of the School forms, in part, the basis of analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenge (SWOC) the School faces in achieving its mission and vision.  The corporate strategic planning process of the University, which is in progress, has culminated in the definition of thirteen key strategic areas that the University will need to address.  These were also considered during SWOC analyses the results of which formed the basis for defining core objectives for the next five year rolling strategic plan.

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