Research Links & Collaborations

A number of collaborating partners have made it possible for the School of Medicine to maintain and develop its academic programmes including the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) that both support faculty PhD training through grants; the Norwegian Development for Higher Education (NOMA) Training Support, that provides support for extramural clinical rotations for students undertaking our super specialty degree programmes; the NIH/Forgarty International Center’s International Clinical,

operational and Health system Research Training on AIDS and TB (ICOHRTA) program that supports PhD students in the School to mention a few.  

Our research collaborators, at times work closely in the field with local researchers, who can assist in facilitating country clearance for health research applied for at  (website Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology), and research ethics certification through the MUHAS Research Ethics Committee  and/or the National Ethics Committee located within the National Institute of Medical Research depending on the area of research focus.

There are also a number of other collaborations and exchanges in Faculty and Students as exemplified by the collaborations with institutions such as the Harvard School of Public Health, Karolinska Institute, Umea University, Uppsala University, Mie University, and the University College London and Sanfrancisco (UCSF).

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